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It’s Not About Us. It’s About You.

Barker Financial Group
You’ve worked hard to build your wealth. Whether you spearheaded the family business to higher levels of success, climbed the ladder to the top one rung at a time or ventured forth in an innovative or never-explored direction, you can be proud of your achievement.
One thing’s for certain: you haven’t just plodded along the path most traveled, and neither have we. We’ve eschewed the “business as usual” approach of focusing on just one cookie-cutter strategy or compromising our objectivity. Instead, we’ve refined our investment strategy to precisely where it should be – with you at the center.
Barker Financial Group, Inc. is a comprehensive wealth management firm offering a complete range of investment management and financial planning services to help you meet your goals. We use a proven, analytical approach to portfolio management based upon asset allocation, diversification, tax efficiencies, rebalancing, and low expenses.
Since we opened our doors, our goal has been to help each individual client achieve specific financial goals, regardless of market conditions, on a fee-only basis. And like you, we excel at what we do.